Apartment Furnished: independent accommodations available for short- and long-term rental
    Bed and breakfast: Private home offering overnight stays and breakfast
    Country House: Private home in the countryside with simple accommodations
    Guesthouse: Private home with separate living facilities for host and guest
    Homestay: Private home with shared living facilities for host and guest
    Farm stay: Private farm with simple accommodations
    Lodge: Private home with accommodations surrounded by nature, such as a forest or mountains
    Vacation/Holiday home: Free-standing home with private, external entrance and rented specifically for vacation
    Villa: Private, free-standing and independent home with a luxury feel
    Chalet: Free-standing home characterized by a sloping roof and rented specifically for vacations
    Hotel: Accommodations for travelers often with restaurants, meeting rooms and other guest services
    Hostel: Budget accommodations with mostly dorm-style beds and social atmosphere
    Motel: Roadside hotel usually for motorists, with direct access to parking and fewer amenities
    Inn: Small property with basic accommodations and a rustic feel
    Capsule Hotel: Extremely small units or capsules offering cheap and basic overnight accommodations
    Condo hotel: Independent apartments with some hotel facilities like a front desk
    Resort: A place for relaxation with on-site restaurants, activities and often a luxury feel
    Resort village: Private independent residences located on shared grounds with shared facilities or recreational activities
    Campground: Accommodations offering cabins or bungalows alongside areas for camping or campers, with shared facilities or recreational activities
    Luxury Tent: Tents with fixed beds and some services, located in natural surroundings
    Riad: Traditional Moroccan accommodations with a courtyard and luxury feel
    Ryokan: Traditional Japanese-style accommodations with meal options
    Love Hotel: Adult-only accommodations rented by the hour or night
    Boatel: Commercial travel accommodations located on a boat
    Economy hotel: Cheap Hotel with basic amenities and shared facilities
    Day hotel: Hotels for day use with basic amenities and limited access to facilities