Maldives Holidays

Maldives Holidays Posh Stay on Bed & Breakfast Basis with Return Direct Flights from London and Optional Speed Boat Transfers in Maldives from £1079pp*

luxury maldives holidays

Maldives Centre Holiday is best experienced when you stay minimum 7 nights in Maldives. So total, either 7 Nights or 10 Nights or 15 Nights for this Beach Destination Holiday.

7 Nights Maldives Holiday Itinerary for Packages in 2018/2019:

Day 1: Outbound: UK to Maldives with stay in Maldives (1st night)
Day 2: Stay in Maldives (2nd night)
Day 3: Stay in Maldives (3rd Night)
Day 4: Stay in Maldives (4th Night)
Day 5: Stay in Maldives (5th night)
Day 6: Stay in Maldives (6th Night)
Day 7: Stay in Maldives (7th nights)
Day 8: Flight from Maldives to UK with one stop

Similar Itinerary for 10,14 Nights Holiday option, you can stay more night extra in Maldives as per your chosen Option.

What’s included in this Maldives Holiday?

Flights: Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airlines & Turlish Airlines is the best Airline to do this  Maldives Holiday. In-Direct Flights from  London Gatwick/Heathrow UK departure airports to Male Ibrahim Nasir International, Maldives (MLE) in Maldives. Return Flights will be a one stopover flight  to London Gatwick/Heathrow UK.

Hotels:Stay in a beautiful 4 star Hotel resort on Bed & Brekafast basis in Maldives

When to go and How much does it costs? Dates and Prices:

Departure Airport Dates Duration Prices PP
London Gatwick/Heathrow 03,10,17,24/November/2018 7 Nights £1079pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 05,06,07,08,12,14,15,18,19,25,26,27,29/November/2018 7 Nights £1129pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 01,08/December/2018 7 Nights £1199pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 04-06/December/2018 7 Nights £1159pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 12,16,19,23,26,28,30/January/2019 7 Nights £1539pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 02,09,23/February/2019 7 Nights £1499pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 06,13,16,20,27/February/2019 7 Nights £1539pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 02,09,16,23,31/March/2019 7 Nights £1499pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 06,11,13,20,27-30/March/2019 7 Nights £1569pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 27-30/April/2019 7 Nights £1299pp
London Gatwick/Heathrow 01,02,04,06,13,20,23-26/April/2019 7 Nights £1459pp

Optional Extras for  Maldives Holiday

Speed Boat Airport Transfers in Maldives are included . Sea Plane Transfers may be included at time of booking. Cost depends on the time of the year and approximately costs £149 per person.

Things to do on your Maldives Holiday

Maldives: Then for the next part of your holiday, head to Maldives an island in the Indian Ocean where you can do as little or as much as you like including white beaches, quirky accommodation and eye-catching coral reefs.

FCO Travel Advice for  Maldives Holiday
Maldives: Most visits to Maldives are trouble free. The most common problems faced by British holidaymakers are lost and stolen passports and swimming/diving related accidents. Check here

Before you travel on your Luxurious Maldives holiday, It’s your responsibility to check the FCO Travel Advice for both destinations.

For more information about our Dubai Maldives Holiday Offers, Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8168 9090 today.

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